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Porsche Classic Tool Roll for 911 G (1974-1982)

Porsche Classic Tool Roll for 911 G (1974-1982) zoom

Porsche Classic Tool Roll for 911 G (1974-1982)

The Porsche Classic 911 G Tool Roll (1974–1982).

Porsche Classic has redesigned this tool roll, producing a new edition with a spectacular look in the style of the late 1970s. Whereas the original featured only artificial leather, the new tool roll is made of real black leather and red tartan fabric. The design of the fabric is based on a typical seat cover from this era. Following on from the development of a tool roll for the 911 F model, the range now includes a tool roll for the subsequent 911 models. These vehicles boast special features, such as the towing lug, which comes complete with brief instructions and is designed as a bayonet hook allowing it to attach to the original trailer, which was fitted with a simplex hook. All tools have specified slots in this new roll as well. The screwdriver handles are made of yellow plastic just as before, but now also feature Porsche lettering. To make handling easier, Porsche Classic has replaced the original spark plug tool with a ratchet that features a special spark plug socket wrench and is much more practical to operate.

This tool roll contains the following tools:

- Double open-ended wrenches 8x9 & 10x11 & 12x13

- Double open-ended wrenches 14x15 & 17x19

- Wheel nut wrench

- Holding tool for V-belt pulley

- Combination pliers

- V-belt

- Towing lug

- Flat-head screwdriver

- Phillips screwdriver I

- Phillips screwdriver II

- Spark plug wrench

- Spark plug ratchet wrench

- Test lamp

- Fuses

- Cleaning cloth

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